In past times, people were used to run their trade with traditional and conventional methods. With the passage of time and enhancement in technology, now a days, one can see that there is huge difference between ways of doing everything because of introduction of IT and computer based techniques. Gs1 barcodes are installed or endorsed on descriptive paper embedded on a product. The main reason of installing this facility on a product is streamlining of all processes involved in a supply chain. It is a concept which came into existence for large retail outlets, whole-sellers, bulk traders, distributors and manufacturers. However, now, even almost every industry sector is using this blissful facility because of its countless favorable provisions which are a) allow one to take an eye on complete trail of a product at a same time b) very fast mode of fetching valuable information about a product c) adroit and easy control on prices of product d) highly cost effective e) boost up the operations of a business f) better inventory management and number of other constructive provisions for a business.

Cost efficiency

No doubt, installing gs1 barcode on a product is very cheap. Its software is not that much expensive. On other hand, cost efficiency can also be cogitated in the context of indirect beatific factors. For example, installing this barcode facility means you would not have to recruit too much staff for price and distribution controlling. A single salesman can handle bulk products and this dramatic and material reduction in payroll cost can easily outweighs its cost of acquisition. Click here for more info on gs1 product barcode.

Audit Trails

Inventory management is a technical thing. Like is it easy for a sales man to keep check and balance on stock count after every sale transaction, counting of closing inventory before day close, price checks of different products? Undisputedly, all these mathematical factors can easily be managed if one installs this contemporary facility on products in a workplace. Also note that these audit trails are lot more than just inventory management and control. Such trails also aids in preventing fraudulent transactions in a workplace. It allows senior management to maintain proper control of a retail outlet irrespective of the fact that one is physically present or not in a workplace or business premises.

So, there are countless favorable factors which one grasp on mere installation of gs1 barcode facility. Because of the reason that it is a cheap and one time investment, some business analysts usually regard this facility as a life time non-current investment in their business. Moreover, in these days, one would be glad to know that adding this facility on products of your business is not more than making five to six online clicks or making a call to an expert barcode provider company.